IAG NZ Declined our Valid Claims

Some of IAG NZ’s illegal actions are briefly detailed here.

Killara was a stunning home in a beautiful setting as seen here. We had spent 6 years completing and perfecting it, you can see the care we had taken on the images below.

  • Killara
    Killara was our fabulous home

The fire was caused by intruders who had forced entry by smashing one of the bi-fold doors with a large rock. They removed valuables and vandalised the property, smashing windows and glass balustrades, even after they had started the fire right up to the time the Fire Service arrived. The Fire Service were present all night, leaving a guard at the site who called them back to handle an area where the fire tried to rekindle in the early hours. There was no opportunity for anybody else to throw the rocks seen on images taken of the balcony by DS Bindon early on 10 Sept’11.

The rocks and glass found after the fire on the master bedroom balcony which are all seen laying on top of the debris prove the presence of intruders at the fire. Fresh cigarette butts with the DNA of two unknown persons and beer bottles containing petrol were found near and in the undamaged barn.

  • Forced entry
    Forced entry, large rock used to smash glass allowing door to be opened.

IAG NZ’s investigators, discounted the intruder evidence, ignored the DNA totally and claimed the Fire Scene was STAGED by ME!

Fires, especially large ones like this are renowned for being totally unpredictable. It would have been impossible to predict which, if any or most, of the property would survive the fire! Nobody could know when it would be seen or how long the Fire Service would take to arrive or what the weather, wind strength and direction would be when it was lit. All these factors make the claim that the fire scene was staged impossible to support.

Fresh cigarette butts and rocks and the glass they smashed all laying, 100%, on top of fire debris couldn’t have been staged before the fire and 30 hours before they were found but IAG NZ had to discount the intruder evidence to avoid the claims.

The investigators then started to FABRICATE evidence, they had found nothing in the debris at all the indicate where the fire had started, the Point of Origin of the fire nor any evidence of an ignition device of any sort, it must have been apparent to them at this stage that the intruders had just walked around manually setting fire to any flammable items they found before going outside to admire their handiwork.


The lock on the back door was reported as UNLOCKED by Russell Joseph, he was suggesting that I had left it in that position which, strangely, was claimed to show the intruders were imaginary. Sadly for the investigator Joseph, the Fire Service and Police had photographed that very lock immediately after the fire in a locked position!

Joseph took several images of the back door during his time at the scene. He clearly was able to turn the lock which appears in both locked and unlocked positions in his own images as seen here.

  • DS Bindon took this image
    DS Bindon took this LOCKED image, foam still present on 10 Sept'11

More remarkable is that Joseph in his handwritten scene notes, from 14 September’11 seen below, he recorded the back door (D2) as ‘Locked D2 – Key not found!

Yet, in the Pre trial on 13 August’13 under oath, as almost the last piece of his evidence he replied to a leading question from the Crown Barrister –

The Crown would go on to use this ‘EVIDENCE‘ as the main point in their argument to discount what they then referred to as the ‘Break in theory.’

CROWN LAW used the Back Door being unlocked as their main point here.

As with most of the EVIDENCE in this case it was made up by the investigators to allow IAG NZ to avoid paying out on the claims!

The other points are also stupid, the house was so isolated that you could have attacked it with a JCB without anybody hearing, the nearest neighbours didn’t hear the explosion like sounds of the flash overs that alerted people over 400m away and caused the Fire Service to be called. The gate had been chained and padlocked, with a key hidden on the gatepost, every night and time we left the property on the advice of Kerikeri Police following the break in on 30 August’11, 10 days prior to the fire.

The back door had been locked directly after the fire but the lock still turned and Joseph turned it to the unlocked position, he was the only person entering the fire scene at this time and recorded it as unlocked. The other evidence shows his testimony on this point was PERJURY.


A key part of the investigators case was that they found evidence of the use of accelerants in the debris just inside the back door.

  • Area inside the back door
    Area inside the back door is the least damaged area in the whole fire scene.

Fire investigation has moved on, in 2011 most investigators would have accepted the scientifically proven fact that accelerant pooling and trailing marks can be caused by other events rather than the use of accelerants.

In this case however, Joseph clearly has scraped the debris away, damaging the underlay which on close examination shows no charring or evidence of fire. This is foam underlay, highly absorbent and like the coconut matting, seen in the images, would have been totally consumed if the area had been in a pool of petrol that had burnt in the fire.

The only FORENSIC test done for the presence of accelerants was done by the Fire Service and the result was negative, there was no admissible evidence of the presence of accelerants in this fire.

Once again, Joseph is seen to be FABRICATING evidence to incriminate me and allow IAG NZ to avoid meeting the claims. It would be possible to continue giving examples of further fabrication but no real evidence to link me to the fire was ever found. They didn’t just fabricate evidence however, they actually introduced or moved evidence in the fire scene as seen below.


In December’11 Joseph would return to the fire scene with investigator Maurice Fletcher looking for the remains of a printer. Martin Jorgensen, a ‘Computer expert’ also employed by IAG NZ had created a theory to connect me to the fire, tricky since, with the family, I was visiting my son in Hamilton 400Km away at the time it occurred.

Jorgensen’s Remote Ignition theory required a printer to have been at the point of origin of the fire since the theory was that the printer had been hacked by me so that it burst into flames and caused the fire when it automatically tried to print an email which, supposedly, I had sent to it.

Desperate times required desperate solutions and this theory was insane but IAG NZ’s investigators created it!

Most of the library, the area where Joseph considered to contain the point of origin had been excavated in the months since the fire. It was a dreadful day pouring with rain when they arrived with a crane and a large digger to assist with the search on 12 December’11.

  • Fletcher with the crane
    Fletcher with the crane

It is not surprising that both these investigators were EX Policemen! The printer was dropped onto the pile of debris straight after the beam was lifted clear. If it had been there before the heavy beam fell on top of it during the fire it would have been pushed down into the debris but it is seen in these images, sitting clear of the debris, on top, not pressed down into the debris.

Worse, and even more damning is that that pile of debris was only created by Joseph when he cleared the area in front of the beam on 8 November’11. The space under the beam is totally clear of debris in that area in all the images taken of the fire scene until that date.

It is unclear if they moved the printer remains from elsewhere in the fire scene or brought it in from another fire scene, whichever is unimportant since it was introduced to that location only attempting to give some credence to Jorgensens’s remote ignition theory.

On 17 April’12, I was ARRESTED for Arson and associated charges, what happened next is cover on the Arrested page

If you want to get more details on the actions taken by IAG NZ then see the full Case Study HERE!

2 thoughts on “IAG NZ Declined our Valid Claims

  1. Case closed! If they had evidence they wouldn’t need to make all this up would they.
    IAG cheated you rotten, keep at them they will have to kill pages like this or lose customers like crazy.

  2. I’m shocked!

    How the hell did they get away with this?

    I thought the insurance business was controlled by the AFCA system, have you complained to them?

    Not sure if they cover NZ but IAG is Aussie so it is their baby!

    The evidence is indisputable, heads should roll!

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